Where can 150mW Laser Pointers be sold?

The laser pointer emits directional light, and the energy is extremely high. When the laser light emitted by the high-power laser pointer directly enters the human eye and reaches the sensitive part of the human retina, it will cause direct damage to the eye, and even burn the retina. Therefore, you must never use a high-power laser beam to illuminate the face or eyes of others, and you must not use mirrors or other objects to reflect the laser.150mW Laser Pointers

150mW Laser Pointers

The energy density of the laser pointer is extremely large. If you use a high-power laser pen to shoot the human skin directly, it will cause burns to the skin. The burn will be very painful. It will have a strong tingling sensation like a needle stick, which will cause you to feel bad. Little damage.

If you look at the beam of the high-power laser pointer for a long time, you will have symptoms such as dizziness, vertigo and even nausea, which will not only affect your eyes, but also seriously affect the optic nerve and central nervous system, which is not a small harm.

If you use a high-power laser pointer to focus its light and directly illuminate flammable and explosive objects, such as gasoline, matches, firecrackers, etc., it will be ignited in a short time, sometimes only a dozen seconds, which is extremely easy Cause a fire or explosion, which will cause greater damage to your body or property.


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